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About Lindsay
Barron LaBonte

Hello and nice to “meet” you! Since you’re visiting my page, you probably already know that I’m a Mortgage Loan Originator, so we can get that formality out of the way! My branch in Northampton, MA is known as the Applied Mortgage team and we’re a part of a New England based mortgage company/Bank called HarborOne. Our branch was founded by my dad Todd Barron and we have helped over 7500 homeowners since 1987. I joined my dad in 2006 so I can only claim part of the credit, however I was individually ranked #1 Loan Originator in Hampshire County by Banker & Tradesman through December 2018 and into 2019 through June of 2019! That means I helped the most clients into homes out of all other loan officers in Hampshire County during those time periods. I'm very proud of that accomplishment and I'd love to help you with your home ownership goals, as well!

One of my favorite part of my jobs is helping my clients see the big picture and arrange their home ownership situation into their overall life goals. This includes educating buyers about the home ownership process, and beyond. We have all sorts of loan programs including conventional, MA Housing, First Time Homebuyer, USDA Rural Housing, VA, FHA, construction, and renovation. This includes options for 1-4 unit homes and condos both primary residence or rentals.

The biggest step for some people is just to make that first phone call, or email, or text .... “I want to buy a house, do you think I can do it?” ... And, I always answer, “Well this is the right place to start!” Then I ask - “alright so, what are your life goals? Tell me your everything about your story.” And really it isn’t a joke because owning a home usually the foundation to the rest of your life. A home is typically a person's greatest asset, it is their security, their comfort zone, a place their family can grow and feel safe. So I’m not kidding when I want to know everything - I want to know how this home fits into your life plans and how we can make you a comfortable and confident homeowner going forward so you can achieve the rest of your goals.

Another part of my job I love is connecting people! Having grown up in Northampton and lived all through out Hampshire County, I am well connected with other industry professionals. This helps while guiding clients through the loan process because if there is an obstacle I can't solve, I usually know someone who can. And I have a great team at my office including my dad Todd Barron who is our Branch Manager, Nicole Laurie who is our Operations Manager/Loan Originator, & Jessica LaMothe who is our Lead Loan Coordinator - Stop by and meet us anytime at 211 North Street in Northampton, MA.

When people ask me what I do outside of the work, it is really hard to differentiate! My work is my family, my clients are my friends, so really “work” and “life” are all one in the same. I started following my dad around the house as soon as I could pretending to answer his business line and hauling around a little briefcase of my own. I officially joined his payroll at age 16 and he couldn’t get rid of me after that! I even started dating my husband after first meeting him to pre-qualifying him for a house - so you can see everything is very connected! When I’m not wearing my “Loan Officer” hat I’m usually working with a community group either on the board or committee or just volunteering at an event. This includes organizations such as the local Chambers of Commerce, United Way, and Area Young Professional groups. There are so many amazing people in this community doing all kinds of great work - it is easy and fun to get involved!

Right now going into 2020 just got married and returned form our honeymoon, so now we are both back and focusing on our careers (Sam, my husband, owns a Landscaping Company and does some furniture building on the side). We have a huge extended family who we're always spending time with - and also have two rescue dogs Loki and Thor - so when I have a moment of down time I can usually be found going for a jog or a hike or spending quality time with Family & Friends!

Call me today, so we can get to know each other more and chat about your home ownership needs 413-320-1641!

Lindsay was especially helpful and we were impressed with her prompt responses, her knowledge, and the fact that she clearly had our happiness as her priority. - Rachel and Brenton
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